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Dr. David R. Moyer is offering this educational blog as a resource to our patients and the community.

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Why Chewing Your Food May Hurt
Posted on 9/15/2018 by Moyer Office
If you eat solid food, you know that you have to chew it. Chewing food breaks it down into small particles that you can swallow and digest properly. If you cannot chew your food, you will have to find other ways to give your body the nutrition it needs. The problem is that there are times when chewing your food hurts. Knowing why this happens can help resolve the problem. Problems with Teeth and GumsOne of the symptoms of cavities or other issues with your teeth and gums is pain. Some people experience constant pain, while others feel the pain when they are eating food. A tooth with a problem of some type will often feel sensitivity when pressure is applied. The pressure occurs when chewing food. Teeth also feel sensitivity and pain because of temperature. Hot foods or cold foods that touch the teeth when you chew can cause aches and pains. People with cracked, chipped or broken teeth may get food stuck in them when chewing. That food can lead to bacteria growth, which could lead to issues with the teeth and gums. The Problem of TMJTMJ is a condition where the connection of the jaw to the skull is not stable. The lack of a good connection can lead to problems with your bite and with the way your jaw feels. Chewing food that is tough can stress the jaw and can lead to pain and other problems. The solution that people who suffer pain when chewing may turn to is avoiding it. That is not a good choice. Chewing food is essential to a healthy body. It allows the body to get the nutrients it needs. If you feel pain when you chew do not ignore it. It is a sign that there is something wrong. It is not always a big problem, but it is important to find out why it hurts to chew. Take the time to make an appointment to see our dental professionals today. Contact our offices to schedule an appointment....

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Why Chewing Your Food May Hurt
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