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Why are Dental Implants so Successful?
Paradise Valley, AZ

Dental implants diagram from David R. Moyer, DDS.Here at David R. Moyer, DDS, we understand how hard it can be to deal with tooth loss, which is why we offer so many great tooth replacement options. When one of our patients approaches us with the question of, "What's the best way to replace my missing teeth?" we always answer, "Dental implants!"

Dental implants offer restored form and function, meaning they can fully replace your natural teeth - they even look the same! We are often asked how successful dental implants are, and to that question, there is a straightforward answer that comes with a wide variety of dependent factors.

Are Dental Implants Really Worth it?

"Most studies show
that dental implant success rates are
between 96 - 99%."

Daniel had the habit of carrying his dentures with him wherever he went. The lack of a tooth affected how he could chew foods, only taking small bites. Hot drinks were an impossibility for him, because they often caused painful blisters. After receiving a single tooth implant, Daniel is able to bite, chew and smile with confidence. He no longer has to remember to carry his dentures around with him, either.

Have Studies Shown That Dental Implants are Successful?

Over the past decade, the success rates from the NCBI of dental implants have been very high from year to year. Most studies show that dental implant success rates are between 96-99%. We are very proud to boast that we have always had an extremely high dental implant success rate. The reason that we can be so successful with our dental implant placements is that we understand what it takes for a dental implant to survive in the long-term.

An older woman showing off her new smile after getting a dental implant.

What Determines the Success of a Dental Implant?

There are quite a few factors that determine that success of a dental implant. We will list some of the most important factors, and then we will go over them in more detail below:
•  Healthy bone levels
•  Healthy soft tissue and gums
•  Strong immune system
•  Healing and recovery time

Each of these plays a unique role in the success of dental implants. Some patients meet all of the requirements for a successful dental implant, which allows us to place the implant right away. Other patients may need an extra procedure to give them an added advantage before dental implant placement. At David R. Moyer, DDS, we will always make you aware of the path that is best for the success of any procedures that we provide.

Healthy Bone Levels

One of the things that can happen when you lose a tooth is you can start to lose bone in your jaw. Your bones, like any other part of your body, need to be used if they are going to stay healthy. If they aren't used in the way that they should be, they will eventually start to atrophy, and eventually, they will become markedly changed. In the case, Your jaw is used to the roots of your teeth constantly bumping around while you chew and speak. When a tooth is lost the feedback from the root of the tooth is lost, and eventually, the bone will begin to recede.

As you can imagine, healthy bone levels are very important when it comes to the success of dental implants. Dental implants rely on the bone in your jaw to support them so that they can help you to eat and speak as you did before tooth loss. If your bone has degraded to the point that your jaw cannot support dental implants, we can usually perform a bone graft to add healthy bone to your jaw.

Young woman looking at her beautiful teeth and dental implants in a mirror.

Healthy Soft Tissue and Gums

Having healthy gums and other soft tissues within your mouth are important when it comes to the success of dental implants. If you suffer from advanced stages of periodontal disease, a disease that infects the gums, the healing processes in your mouth are not what they could be. Many people don't realize that the same bacteria that cause cavities can also infect your gums and cause tooth loss, and even bone loss.

If you suffer from periodontal disease and are interested in dental implants, we will make sure to build a custom treatment plan just for you. One procedure that we might suggest is having a soft tissue graft placed to help add more healthy soft tissue into the areas of your mouth that will be undergoing treatment.

Strong Immune System

Having a strong immune system is always important to staying healthy and being able to bounce back from medical and dental procedures. Being healthy means many different things to lots of people, but in the case of dental implants, we are looking for a few specific things. If you have a history of dental issues that we should know about, let us know! Some patients experience persistent sores in their mouth or are more prone to issues like cavities.

Before we begin the implant placement process, we send every patient through an implant placement planning process so that we can find out things that will be relevant to your implant placement.

Woman holding dental implant model and pointing to her own implant in her mouth.

Healing and Recovery Time

The healing process and the time you spend recovering from your dental implant placement and procedure could be the most important factor under your control in your recovery process. We will make sure to set you up with all the tool that you need to succeed during your recovery process; the rest will be up to you.

Follow Instructions

After the implant placement procedure, we will send you home with some extensive and specific instructions that are custom-tailored to your recovery. It is critical that you follow these instructions to ensure the success of your dental implants.

Get Rest

Always make sure to take it easy in the days following your dental implant procedure. By resting and keeping your heart rate low, you are making it easier for your body to focus on the implant site. A dramatic rise in blood pressure can cause bleeding at the surgical site, try to avoid this for at least 72 hours following implant placement. If we send you home with antibiotics, always make sure to take them according to the instructions, and never stop taking them halfway through your prescription. If we send you home with pain medication, please follow the dosage instructions on the label and make sure to pay attention to any warnings that come with your prescription.

Eat Carefully

Being careful with what you eat and how you keep your implant sites clean can make a big difference in the recovery process as well. For the first few days following the implant procedure, do not brush or floss near the surgery site. Keep brushing and flossing the rest of your teeth, just avoid the surgery site. Swishing warm salt water can help to keep the site clean from debris and food particles.

What Makes a Good Dental Implant Candidate?

We want all of our dental implant placement procedures to be successful, which is why we have a set of standards for patients to meet who are interested in having dental implants placed. We want all patients to have a healthy mouth before having a dental implant or many dental implants placed. We place the dental implants into the bone of your jaw, so we want your jawbone to have enough healthy bone structure to be able to support a dental implant. We also want the soft tissues in your mouth to be healthy and free from infection so that the healing process is fast and efficient. To better understand what makes a good dental implant candidate, contact our office.

Would you Like to Know More About Dental Implants?

Do you still have questions about dental implants, their success rate, and or whether you would make a good candidate for dental implants? We are here to help!

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