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Smiling blonde woman with beautiful, healthy teeth after her general dentistry procedure at David R. Moyer, DDS.Negligence of oral hygiene maintenance is a common problem among the general public. People visit their dentists only when they suffer from pain and discomfort. General dentists are the primary dental health care providers focusing on providing simple dental procedures for the enhancement of aesthetics, function, and the structure of natural teeth. General dentists provide you with oral hygiene maintenance advice as well as institute common dental restorative, prophylaxis and surgical procedures. Dr. Moyer, your own general and cosmetic dentist in Scottsdale Arizona, provides you with all the general dentistry procedures as well as education and awareness regarding oral health care.

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Which procedures can be performed by a general dentist?

General dentists have the basic qualifications and experience to perform various simple dental procedures. Various common dental procedures performed by general dentists are:
•  Aesthetic procedures such as teeth whitening
•  Oral prophylaxis such as scaling and polishing
•  Crown and bridges
•  Tooth-colored fillings
•  Simple tooth extractions
•  Oral hygiene maintenance education
•  Partial and complete dentures
•  Simple orthodontics corrections
•  Fluoride therapy
•  Education regarding use of tooth brushes and dental floss
•  Tobacco cessation therapy
•  Caries control restorations
•  Simple root canal therapy procedures
•  TMJ therapy

What is the proper method to clean my teeth using a tooth brush?

Simple vigorous to and fro movement of the tooth brush does not achieve the required degree of cleanliness of teeth and gums. Such movements are in reality harmful and can cause abrasion of teeth due to loss of enamel in the gingival areas.

Dr. Moyer educates you about the useful methods of tooth brushing on your visit to Scottsdale dentistry. Proper tooth brushing involves:
•  Holding your selected medium thickness tooth brush and placing small amount of tooth paste on its bristles
•  Place it at an angle of 45 degrees at the junction of teeth and gums
•  Gently vibrate your tooth brush in order to dislodge food debris, plaque and tartar from the surface of teeth and underneath gums
•  After dislodgment of debris and microbes, move your tooth brush in a circular fashion to clean all surfaces of the teeth
•  Proper tooth brushing of all surfaces of all teeth requires at least 4 minutes in total
•  Special emphasis should be given in areas between teeth which are difficult to clean. Special inter-dental brushes can be used for this purpose

How many times should I clean my teeth in a day?

Dr. Moyer recommends brushing your teeth at least twice daily. Clean your teeth in the morning after having breakfast and at night before sleeping.

Is it necessary to floss my teeth?

Dental floss is recommended for use after every meal in the areas between your teeth. Specially designed dental floss is available with handles in order to clean interdental areas easily and effectively.

How many times should I visit my dentist in a year?

Dr. Moyer recommends you to make a general dental consultation visit at least twice a year.

Is it always necessary to remove all wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth often erupt between the ages of 17 and 23. The majority of wisdom teeth emerge tilted and drifted due to lack of space in the jaws, creating pockets for food debris lodgment and inflammation. Pericoronitis occurs due to food debris, causing pain and limited mouth opening. Extraction of wisdom molars becomes necessary in these circumstances. , your own general and cosmetic dentist in Scottsdale Arizona, will make a thorough assessment and advise you regarding removal of the wisdom teeth.

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