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Patient Special
Paradise Valley, AZ

At home teeth whitening kit with tray given for the patient special at David R. Moyer, DDS in Paradise Valley, PhoenixEverybody deserves to have a beautiful smile. It’s no surprise that those who put their pearly whites on display often are perceived as more attractive and confident by others. However, not everyone is blessed with great genetics, which often means that some people have teeth that will naturally discolor with time, while others tend to get discolored teeth due to unhealthy oral hygiene such as not brushing and flossing regularly or visiting the dentist, and unhealthy habits such as smoking or drinking.

To get your teeth back to shining bright, Dr. Moyer in Paradise Valley, Phoenix, AZ is offering New Patient Dental Specials, which provides you with the opportunity to get complimentary teeth whitening on the house! What more could you ask for?

Refer a new patient to the practice, who COMPLETES initial exam and cleaning, and you will receive at no charge take home whitening trays and bleach.

It’s a Non-Invasive Procedure

The majority of anti-aging procedures require invasive needle procedures and have longer recovery periods. On the other hand, our dentist new patient special is simple and free, and the amazing effects speak for themselves. All year long, sparkling white teeth can help you make a fantastic impression, and studies have shown that people typically see those who smile positively as younger than they actually are. Besides, it’s also considered a great alternative for veneers or crowns, which also cause some tooth structures to be lost during the preparation and etching process.

Improves Your Oral Hygiene

Another great benefit of our patient special is that it improves your overall oral hygiene. Following the procedure, you could feel more motivated to take excellent care of your whiter, brighter teeth by remembering to brush, floss, and keep your six-month preventative dental checkups with us at David R. Moyer, DDS. As a result, your improved oral health will also positively impact your general health, leaving you feeling healthier, fitter, and younger than ever.

It’s Convenient

Let’s face it. Going to a patient special to get your teeth whitened on the house is convenient, especially these days where getting the same procedure could cost you hundreds of dollars. The benefit of teeth whitening is that you may perform it on your own schedule. If you use at-home teeth whitening kits, contrary to what you may believe, professional teeth whitening does not require additional dental sessions.

These personalized bleaching trays are provided; you may use them at home to keep your smile radiant and lovely whenever you choose. These free touch-up kits can help you maintain the whitest, brightest smile possible.

It’s Safe

You can be confident that the health of your teeth comes first when you get expert care from David R. Moyer, DDS. Many over-the-counter teeth whitening systems have the potential to be helpful, but if they are not taken properly, they can have negative side effects such as gum irritation, increased sensitivity, enamel erosion, and uneven color. It is advisable to speak with your dentist first before utilizing any of these choices.

All you have to do is refer a new patient to the practice, who completes an initial exam and cleaning, and you will receive a free take-home whitening tray and bleach!

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Patient Special • Paradise Valley, Phoenix • David R. Moyer, DDS
New Patient Special! Refer a new patient to the practice, who Completes an initial dental exam and cleaning, and you will receive at no charge take home whitening trays & bleach!
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