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Paradise Valley dental professional performing a dental service on a young female patient at David R. Moyer, DDS.At David R. Moyer, DDS, Dr. Moyer and his team practice general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and specialize in treating sleep apnea. Contact us today at 480.935.6295 to schedule your next appointment with us.

Dental Exam and Teeth Cleaning

The main component of preventive dentistry is regular dental exams and cleanings. We recommend routine visits to our dental office every six months. During your dental teeth cleaning, one of our hygienists will clean and floss your teeth. Your cleaning will be followed with a fluoride treatment. During the dental exam portion of the visit, our dentist will check your teeth and gums for any problems or changes since your last visit. Regular cleanings and exams are important for maintaining good oral hygiene, as they prevent tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease from developing.

Teeth Whitening

One of the most popular treatments requested in cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening.

Causes Of Staining On Teeth

It is natural for our teeth to darken, become yellowed, or to display signs of staining as we age. Whitening your teeth can give you a much more youthful appearance. It is important to understand what factors could be responsible for the stains on your teeth so that you can better avoid these same factors as you move forward after your tooth whitening treatment.

Our genetics do play a role in the way that our teeth change color over the years, as does our exposure to certain antibiotics and other medications. Internal discoloration of the tooth can be as the result of damage to the tooth enamel and the dentin beneath the enamel.

The foods and drinks that we enjoy can also contribute to staining on our teeth. This includes tea, coffee, colas, and foods like tomatoes and dark berries. Another concern is that even just a few years of smoking can stain your teeth significantly.

Custom Professional Teeth Whitening Solutions

In our office, we provide our patients with whitening treatments that can remove several years of stains, within just an hour or less. We can also customize a take-home treatment that uses a custom-fit tray. This tray can be used in the comfort of your own home, with a whitening solution we provide to you. Some patients may best benefit from a combination of each method, to maximize the short and long-term whitening benefits. Working with Dr. Moyer and his dental team, you will be able to find the best whitening solution for your teeth.

Benefits To In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatments

It is possible to experience mild and temporary teeth sensitivity while undergoing whitening treatments. We will customize your whitening treatment to help you to have a comfortable tooth whitening experience, with a dentist-supervised professional whitening treatment.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

At David R. Moyer, DDS, we also treat sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a serious condition that many people suffer from. When a patient suffers from sleep apnea, they experience difficulty breathing and can even stop while they are asleep. The usual symptoms of this sleep-related condition include loud snoring, sleepiness, and restless sleep. Many people with sleep apnea have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), indicating the presence of a blockage. Another type of sleep apnea is central sleep apnea (CSA), which indicates a problem with the nervous system.

There are various ways to treat sleep apnea, but it is often difficult to find a solution that will provide you with long-term results without having to depend on medication that will leave you feeling groggy and tired the following day. Also, there is no cure for sleep apnea, but there are some effective treatment techniques one can use.

Oral Appliance Therapy

Oral appliance therapy is one of the most popular ways to treat sleep apnea and allows you to sleep through the night.

There are various appliance therapy options that you can choose from. However, each oral appliance is designed for a specific condition or target areas for sleep apnea. Depending on how serious your condition is, you will have to discuss the various options with us and choose the right device for you. Some of the most popular oral appliances that are used to treat sleep apnea include vestibular shields, mandibular advancement devices - also known as oral appliances, tongue retaining devices, and chin straps.

All of these can prove to be beneficial when it comes to treating sleep apnea, but you need to figure out which of these devices will work better for you and how you will manage to benefit from it in the long run. One of the benefits of using the device is that you will be able to sleep through the night without disturbing your sleep pattern. Once you figure out which of these devices are perfect for you, you will be able to reap the benefits of the device.

Oral Appliance Therapy Is Easy To Use

Most oral appliances are small enough to be used independently. These devices are usually placed inside your mouth and once you place it, you can comfortably sleep through the night. You need to make sure the device is customized to fit your mouth directly so there is no problem wearing the device through the night. These are small devices and you can carry them from one place to another and you will be able to sleep comfortably even when you are away from home.

Oral Appliance Therapy Is Convenient

Oral appliances are customized which means they are designed to suit your needs perfectly. These devices do not poke your mouth and this makes it comfortable to wear them long-term. There is no discomfort associated with using the device and you won't need to worry about taking a long time to get yourself used to using it either. Apart from the obvious benefits of using the device, it also prevents you from snoring.

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