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Teeth Cleaning
Paradise Valley, AZ

Woman eager to get a Paradise Valley teeth cleaning at David R. Moyer, DDS.Did you know that your mouth is home to thousands of bacteria that occur naturally? The bacteria live on the tooth’s surface, and if something is not done to control them, it can lead to serious dental problems. That’s why Dr. Moyer and his team at David R. Moyer, DDS is your go-to service provider for top-notch dental cleanings. Our professional team is well-equipped and trained to perform a range of deep teeth cleaning techniques, preventing the build-up of excess bacteria that can’t be removed through flossing or brushing.

If you don’t want to be a victim of dental illnesses like gum disease and tooth decay, we recommend visiting our experts regularly for cleanings and dental exams. Dr. Moyer takes this time to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your oral health to determine the best course of action for you. Although our Paradise Valley teeth cleanings are an excellent way of getting rid of excess tartar and plaque, you need to be careful with what goes in your mouth. If you are considering coming in for a cleaning session, here are the common types to expect.

Prophylaxis Dental Cleaning

Prophylaxis refers to the prevention, which means cleanings are also done on healthy teeth to prevent gum disease and decay. This type of cleaning focuses on eliminating tartar and plaque found in areas your toothbrush can’t reach. Patients who adhere to a strict dental hygiene regimen are likely to have prophylaxis cleaning since they have good oral health. It’s crucial to talk to us before we begin cleaning your teeth to ensure the proper cleaning is performed.

Scaling and Root Planing

Unlike prophylaxis dental cleaning, this type of cleaning is called deep cleaning since it focuses on both the gum pockets and teeth. Patients who suffer from dental-related diseases such as periodontitis and gingivitis are best suited for a scaling and root planing cleaning. If you are suffering from gingivitis, then a deep cleaning can be done within a single appointment before you can resume your daily routine.

However, patients with periodontitis will require several cleaning appointments and anesthetics depending on the severity of the damage. Scaling removes tartar and plaque from the tooth’s surface and reduces inflammation in the gums. On the other hand, root planing smoothes the tooth root to reattach with the gums, eliminating pockets that accumulate plaque and tartar.

Periodontal Maintenance Cleaning

Periodontal maintenance cleanings are designed to address gum disease and its effects. It incorporates scaling and root planing, but they are often performed compared to other types of dental cleanings. We recommend this type of cleaning when undergoing gum disease treatment since the condition can progress if not properly dealt with. Our experts can assess your progress during the cleaning sessions and recommend effective treatment solutions if it continues to worsen.

Can You Reverse Periodontal Disease?

Most people wonder if it can be reversed or do the home treatment after it has fully developed when it comes to periodontal disease. The bad news is that gum disease can’t be easily reversed once it is left to grow, and that’s why we recommend visiting our dental professionals to slow its progression. After a comprehensive assessment of your gum health, we will design a treatment plan for recovery and oral health restoration.

On the other hand, gingivitis, an earlier stage of periodontal disease, can be reversed. If a patient regularly visits the dentist, then there’s a high chance it can be detected in time before it develops. Patients need to practice good oral hygiene like brushing and flossing regularly to prevent bacteria that deteriorate their oral health. Depending on the severity of the damage, we can recommend the best medications and treatments such as oral antibiotics, antibiotic gel, and periodontal therapy.

Oral Cancer Screening

Also an important part of a regular dental exam is an oral cancer screening. Oral cancer screenings consist of a visual exam and a physical exam.

Visual Dental Exam

A visual exam will require patients to remove any dental appliances such as dentures, to provide the dentist with a view of the entire mouth. Our experts take time to look for swelling, asymmetries, colored patches, ulcerations, bumps, or abnormalities associated with the disease. This requires a comprehensive screening process to take a closer look at the patient’s jaw, lips, cheeks, face, oral cavity, nose, and neck.

Since the mouth is usually the most susceptible part, a mirror, light, and tongue depressor to navigate your mouth effectively involves the usual sticking out of the tongue to expose the deep parts of your oral cavity that are not easy to see. Our extensive dental experience guarantees patients a quality visual screening to address any visible signs of a complication.

Physical Dental Exam

The other aspect of an oral cancer screening is a physical exam which involves assessing the patient’s neck, face, and mouth for abnormal masses or nodules. As Dr. Moyer checks for any cancer-related signs, he will employ tactile inspection techniques, which help detect hard lumps. Although oral cancer symptoms can be painful, they are painless during the initial stages and usually go undetected. That’s why it’s vital to regularly visit our dental experts to ensure signs are detected early before they become more pronounced.

Oral Cancer Screening Devices

Some of the tools used during an oral cancer screening include a brush biopsy used to obtain cells for testing. If there is the presence of suspicious tissue in your mouth, an enhanced assessment tool is used, and it’s equipped with a fluorescent light for a clearer view. A dental mouth rinse can be used if the patient needs an oral lesion screening to enhance the visual inspection of the mouth tissue.

It’s important to note that oral cancer screening is a precautionary measure, and that’s why David R. Moyer, DDS prioritizes screening to alleviate future risks.

Schedule a Paradise Valley Dental Cleaning Today!

If you are around Paradise Valley, it is crucial to schedule regular teeth cleanings with Dr. Moyer and his Paradise Valley dental team to get ahead of any potential dental-related conditions. Although brushing your teeth frequently and flossing go a long way in protecting you from dental complications, visiting an experienced dental expert ensures the right steps are taken in time. Contact us today at 480.935.6295 and schedule an appointment with us at David R. Moyer, DDS. We guarantee nothing short of excellence when it comes to professional teeth cleanings.

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