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All On 4 Dental Implants
Paradise Valley, AZ

Diagram showing All-on-4 teeth and the implants that support them

The All-on-4™ Treatment Concept - What is Teeth-in-a-Day?

Teeth-in-a-Day is a complete full arch solution where a fixed implant bridge replaces missing or failing teeth with a full arch of new beautiful teeth anchored by 4 or more dental implants the same day!

Why Teeth-in-a-Day?

Teeth-in-a-Day allows you to avoid the need for dentures and enables you to regain 90% chewing function like you had when your teeth were healthy!

Upper and Bottom Teeth Replacement

With All on 4 Dental Implants, we can easily replace your upper or lower teeth. Whether you are looking for bottom teeth implants or upper teeth implants, we have your Paradise Valley dental needs covered!

How is it possible?

Technology, expertise and a top notch lab that works in tandem with the dentist and surgeon provides the patient a fixed prosthesis the day of surgery that look just like natural teeth.

Is it really Teeth-in-a-Day?

On the day of surgery, the patient receives provisional or temporary set of teeth that will later be replaced with a final prosthesis called a fixed hybrid bridge after the dental implants have fully integrated and healed.

The right team is vital!

Teeth-in a-Day requires a team approach utilizing the expertise of your dentist, a surgeon and a qualified dental technician to make this otherwise lengthy process happen in one short day. This life changing procedure will provide the patient with a healthy mouth, the ability to eat whatever they want and a million dollar smile they will want to show off to everyone!

Patient Benefits:

•  One day procedure (leave with new beautiful teeth and smile!)
•  You will be able to eat, smile, laugh and speak clearly right after surgery
•  Easy recovery with minimal discomfort
•  Avoids the denture phase (go right to a fixed restoration)
•  More affordable due to fewer implants (usually 4)
•  Next best thing to real teeth
•  Immediate function
•  Minimal time at the dentist (Approximately 4 hours plus surgery)
•  Fixed restoration (non-removable by the patient)
•  Easy to clean and maintain

Step 1 - Impressions

First impressions, a bite registration and photos are taken of your current dentition at your dentist's office.

Crooked teeth before All-on-4 Treatment
All-on-4 tooth impressions
All-on-4 tooth impressions

Step 2 - Teeth Fabricated

Next, a temporary set of teeth are made before the day of dental implant surgery that will be modified to become a custom fixed bridge during surgery by a qualified dental lab partner. Your provisional or temporary set of teeth will be made completely from acrylic incorporating the abutments that will attach the bridge to the dental implants. This prosthesis will extend back to the first molar area which is necessary for proper implant healing.

Gloved hand holding an upper set of All-on-4 teeth

Step 3 - Surgery

On the day of surgery, remaining teeth are extracted and implants are placed then immediately loaded with the temporary set of teeth once the teeth are customized to fit onto the implants secured by implant screws.

Illustration of All-on-4 teeth being placed

Step 4 - Check Function

Approximately 48 hours after surgery, your dentist will check the function of your new teeth.

Actual image of beautiful All-on-4 teeth placed in a patient's mouth

Step 5 - Final Restoration

After the implants have healed for 6 months, a permanent set of teeth will then be fabricated and secured onto a fixed titanium implant bar making it a fixed hybrid bridge. This will happen in 3 or more appointments at your dentist's office. Your permanent or final set of teeth will be made with acrylic incorporating a titanium framework for long-term support that will be anchored to the dental implants with prosthetic screws through holes in the prosthesis. These holes will be covered and disappear after inserting the prosthesis. You final prosthesis will go back to the second molar area in most cases.

All-on-4 prosthetics
All-on-4 prosthetics
All-on-4 prosthetics

Maintaining Your New Smile

While Teeth-in-a-Day is a final full arch solution, your new fixed implant bridge will need to be maintained in the following ways:
•  Screws will need to replaced each time your dentist removes the prosthesis. Good hygiene habits will reduce how often this needs to be done.
•  The titanium bar lasts for life in most cases, but the teeth will need to be replaced every 7-8 years depending on your opposing dentition and wear.
•  Daily hygiene using a soft toothbrush with light pressure followed by proxy brush and/or Waterpik® to clean under the prosthesis and around the implants. (Avoid regular toothpaste and other harsh abrasives)
•  Regular hygiene visits to your dentist to treat both arches every 6 months.
•  Keep your provisional in case your final set of teeth needs to be repaired for any reason.

Pre-Op Patient Information

•  Two Stage Treatment: The two stages include provisional/temporary stage and the final stage (it takes one month to fabricate final prosthesis)
•  Total of 6 Appointments: Appointments include 1) Records before surgery for provisional prosthesis 2) Day of Surgery 3) Check occlusion after surgery 4) New records for final restoration 5) Bar with teeth try-in 6) Final delivery of final hybrid restoration
•  Implant Stability: There is a very slight chance you will need to go into an immediate denture should implants not torque. It is extremely rare, however the final restoration will still be fixed or non-removable because it is screw-retained.
•  Provisional VS. Final Restoration: The provisional/temporary prosthesis will be made entirely of acrylic and the final hybrid bridge will be supported by a titanium bar for long-term wear and durability.
•  Provisional Teeth: The provisional set of teeth will only extend to the last implant and may feel "short" in order to avoid fractures. Your final restoration will reach past the last implant giving you more teeth to chew on.
•  Length of Provisional Stage: Your provisional should be worn for 6 months until which time the tissue is completely remodeled in order to achieve the best final result.
•  Aesthetic Changes: Consider the provisional a test run for any changes you'd like to make to the final set of teeth and share with your restorative dentist at the first final appointment.
•  Long-Term Maintenance: The titanium implant supported bar is for life in most cases but teeth will need to be replaced every 5-8 years on the average depending on opposing dentition and wear. There is an additional cost for this.
•  Clinical Care and Removal: Regular hygiene appointments with your regular dentist will be necessary to maintain your prosthesis. Screws should be replaced each time your prosthesis is removed. Good personal hygiene will reduce how often this needs to be done. There is an additional cost for this.
•  Patient Hygiene: Avoid regular toothpaste and abrasive cleaners. Gently clean with baby brush and use a proxy brush or Waterpik® around implants followed by an oral rinse prescribed by your dentist.
•  Diet: While you are wearing your provisional, please only consume foods that you can cut with a fork. This includes cooked vegetables, chicken and fish. Foods to avoid are things like nuts, hard candies, raw vegetables and tough meats.
•  Provisional/Temporary Implant Bridge: Your temporary or provisional set of teeth will only reach to the last implant which may feel short to you in order to avoid fractures. Rest assured, your final hybrid set of teeth with extend farther back because it will be support by a strong titanium bar.
•  Bite/Occlusion: During surgery, you mouth was open for an extended period of time. This may cause disorientation in your bite resulting in difficulty in accurately setting your occlusion (how the teeth come together). An additional appointment with your regular dentist will be necessary to do any final adjustments 48 hours after surgery.
•  Gap: Your temporary prosthesis will rest slightly above your tissue to avoid pain after surgery, allow the tissue to freely heal as well as allow you to keep your provisional clean. As your tissue heals from surgery, the gap or space between your temporary implant bridge and your tissue may slightly increase. Your final hybrid bridge will close this gap to a minimum always leaving some space to be able to clean under your final implant bridge.
•  Provisional/Temporary Period: Use this time to determine what, if anything, about your teeth you would like to change for your final restoration i.e.
shade/shape/smile line etc. Share these changes in your first appointment for the final restoration with your dentist. Once your final implant bridge is made, you cannot go back and make changes. The first appointment is the time to do this.
•  At-Home Hygiene: Use oral rinse only as prescribed by your dentist for the first two weeks after surgery. Thereafter, avoid regular toothpaste and abrasive cleaners. Gently clean with baby brush and use a proxy brush or Waterpik® around implants followed by oral rinse.
•  Fractures: Should your provisional/temporary set of teeth fracture for any reason, please see your regular dentist immediately.

Restore Your Smile, Without the Wait

David R. Moyer, DDS will begin with a 3D scan, allowing your provider to view a three-dimensional virtual model of your mouth. This allows your dentist to customize your implant procedure by identifying the exact positions where the implants should be placed in your mouth, while also understanding how the factors of bone quality, implant spacing, and other anatomical structures in your jaw will affect the final set of replacement teeth and their associated implants.

Are Teeth-in-a-Day right for me?

Patients who have the right amount of bone available in their jaw, and who do not need any other adjunctive dental procedures for the success of their dental implant may qualify for Teeth-in-a-Day. After a 3D scan of your head and neck, David R. Moyer, DDS will consult with you to determine whether this course of treatment is right for you. Contact us today.

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